How to Wear White Overalls

May 17, 2017

photography to Brian

PINK TOP: c/o Zaful
CLEAR HEELS: Forever21

Ok, overalls a kinda a last year thing but in my defense, anything that's denim and distressed will always be in trend!! Also I thought it would be a great opportunity to pair this overall with these clear transparent sandals I bought a week ago. Perspex shoes is the most in demand trend and I'm falling in love. I really love anything transparent and clear. It's unique and different! I can't wait to style more with these heels in the later months~

Bralette and Jeans

April 27, 2017

photography to Jenna

FLANNEL: Ralph Lauren
BRALETTE: American Apparel
MOM JEANS: Thrifted

This week's look focuses on black and denim (as per usual with my other outfits) with a flannel combo coord. I love flannels and the best flannels you can get are from thrift shops, duh! I'm so blessed to live in New York where the best thrift shops are also located. I'll probably make a blog post dedicated to looks with flannel... once I accumulated enough flannel looks. There's just so many ways to wear flannel. I used to wear them as a dress and I still would if I have the chance too!

Last week, Lookbook featured me on their instagram and I'm so grateful for the 1k instagram follower mark. I have always been waiting for that moment and it finally happened!! Just wanna say thank you to all the new (and old) people who's been following me on instagram and blog!

Pink Boots Look

April 18, 2017

photography to Jenna

SWEATER: Thrifted
PINK BOOTS: c/o Zaful

This week's look is inspired with Kfashion and fishnet tights. I'm loving the fishnet trends I can't wait to wear more fishnet looks. Under ripped jeans, dresses, skirts- the fishnet look options are endless!

Denim and black and pink is probably the easiest and cutest combo favs of mine. Nothing can ever go wrong with pastel pink and black. You can just tell, the look says it all ✨

How to Wear Burgundy Velvet Thigh High Boots

April 8, 2017

photography to Jenna

SWEATER: Urban Outfitters

The weather in New York is getting better and better now that it's Spring. Even though I'm excited for this warm weather, I've been getting style inspiration blocked and not sure which outfits to coordinate for my next blog post. I hope I haven't lost the juice because I'm still motivated to blog!!!

I got too excited with the warmer weather that I sported out the shorts but I realized it was still a little cold so I layered a sweater with a striped sweater and wore thigh high boots to cover the much exposed skin. I like sticking to 2 colors when it comes to outfits. The simpler, the better.

Mini Yoins Choker Review

March 14, 2017

Hello, I received this lovely choker from Yoins, an online webshop. I have also written about their lace up skirt from them in an earlier post. I have never seen such chokers where there are many small charms dangling from a lace material string. It looked like a heart fringed boho choker. It's so cute!! 



They also have a whole lot of different selections of chokers that you can check out here. As for the quality, it looks exactly like the stock photo shown above if you compare to the photo I took. For it's cheap price, I don't feel like the choker is cheaply made because it does not break easily and also the size is adjustable. The lace string itself is kinda stretchy so it can be worn on larger width necks. I would be weary of the metals because they can rust easily especially when you sweat too much. Overall, this cute choker is worth the price, here is the link!

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